Get your bunker ready?

On one hand, I think this whole Coronavirus COVID-19 is just simply delicious for media to report on. On the other, this is the first time I can recall organizations around the globe responsible for disease control dropping their guard and saying; hey guys this could be a thing.

And really, why wouldn’t it be? The longer a virus’ incubation period is, the more time we’re walking around like morons passing it around. Today I read about the Japanese cruise line that quarantined all of it’s passengers and the outcome was likely more people contracted the virus by being isolated on the ship for two weeks than if they’d promptly docked somewhere, tested people and then sent them packing.

The statistics around a growing pandemic are hard to interpret as well, initial reports are coming in that it’s 2 to 3 percent of infected people are dying of the virus and most of those are elderly with compromised immune systems. Yet I also read about a protest for the doctor who tried to blow the whistle on this whole thing and also died from it.

As I walked around the Costco today, a couple hours later than I normally go on a Saturday, I noticed how many skids of the things that are normally plentiful were nearly empty. If a small city can’t keep the things I buy weekly in check, that really does make me do a double-take for if I need to lock myself in the house for two weeks because one of us talked to someone that might have had it.

As the main IT presence for a few companies it also brings up the issue of how to take the resources that people have built into their offices and distribute them to their employees should they have to shut a whole building down for half a month or more. Those power over ethernet phones work great at home but we’ll need 25+ power adapters so those staff can work from home… that kind of thing.

Author: Ian

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