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Ow! My Groin!

Okay, my groin doesn’t hurt at all, but it’s a great Simpsons quote. My knee is actually the problem. It hurt a little bit yesterday and then today, about halfway through my run this morning it just started to hurt a whole lot. I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t run but I could stand quite comfortably. So after moving along, I was able to run back to the car at the Running Room and as I was running back and felt the...

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The IT Crowd Series 3

Last night we were having a conversation about how we hadn’t heard anything about the new IT Crowd series yet and for the last two years the episodes were aired in September so we thought we weren’t getting anything new. However, this morning I awoke to a message from the Facebook group with a series of one liners from the taping of the second episode last night. Rumours say it’s due to be aired November/December...

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RSS Update ‘n Stuff

It took almost all day, but I’ve got all of my major sites with ongoing news set up with proper RSS feeds and I’ve fixed the bug that’s been bothering me for a long time now. When users have pre-written content in Word and they paste in into a textarea field on the web, the encoding is wrong so when they mash the save button, the quotes and apostrophes are placed in the document in their native format (like this: ’)...

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