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Get With It

I recently had a back and forth with someone who was having trouble accessing our web site at the office. It seems that they were using Internet Explorer 6.0 and it was very slow to load and then when she viewed it in Firefox 1.0 it was faster and viewable. I told her that all of the updates to these browsers have made them faster, more secure and more reliable. She got back to me and said that she would not update because the of the...

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How to geotag your photos with a Garmin Training Center recording

First step, synchronize your camera’s time to your Garmin watch. I have Garmin 405 for marathon training and this is an excellent second use for it. I’m sure this would work with any other product that syncs up to Garmin’s Train Center program. Start recording your walk, roam or run for those true blurry cam moments. Once you get back to your computer and sync up your activity into Garmin’s Training Center,...

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