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Happy Leap Day!

I just wanted to take a moment to wish you a happy leap day! February 29th only comes along every once in a while (they tell me every four years, but I don’t believe them). For those of you born on February 29th, happy birthday, hopefully you feel good about yourself for being so young.

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US Customs is on Crack

I went down to West Palm Beach to visit Brianne and I obviously set off some alarms. Something about an IT guy going to visit his fiancée just sounds so very unbelievable… IT guys can’t have fiancées, that would be preposterous. Also, the fact that she’s working down there, that’s just far too confusing, we better take him aside and interrogate him because it is highly suspicious. You know, I thought the whole bulking up of the...

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Not Amish… on a Mission

Over the last two days, two people have asked me if I’ve gone Amish and that’s why I’ve got my beard on. Once people know that I’m on the March Mutton Chop Mission, they’re much more supportive of the mission… once they know that such a mission exists. This St. Patrick’s Day is going to be legen… PS: On a side note, there are others out there operating Mission Mustache March, so no...

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