Alright, that first burst of information made me

want to work on this site. I’m sitting here at my jury duty summons with the

sweet laptop from work, so I figure I’ll do a little work here. Apparently

just because I voted in the election, for some reason now I’m a potential jurror.

That’ll teach me to vote for the Marijuana Party.

     Anyway, bottom line is, I’ve got no change and I’m sitting here thinking to myself

that this is a big huge waste. Apparently there’s a big murder trial going on too

because some guy killed a bank teller. Well that’s got the other potential jurrors

talking and squirming a little to. I just hope that if anything happens I don’t get

one of those squesterings. I don’t think that I could be away from Brianne for

weeks at a time while me and 11 other dinks decide the fate of some dude who seems to

have forgotten what wrong and right are.

Author: Ian

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