Okay, now it’s time for everyone

to be incredibly over-sensitive about everything! News says that the new Arnold

Schwarzenegger movie Collateral Dammage has cancelled it’s release this week, because

it’s too violent. I have news for you people, if it wasn’t too violent before this whole

“Attack on America” stuff happened, then it’s still not too violent. Just because something

bad happened doesn’t mean that I can’t pop in True Lies and be entertained no matter

how violent. (Also note, the sequel to True Lies, True Lies 2 is coming out

in 2002.)

     The new Tim Allen movie is also cancelled because it has a

scene involving a bomb. You know what, screw you over-sensitive bastards. If it was fine

before, there’s no reason it’s not fine now. People won’t be saying “Oh, damn, this movie

is a blantant piss-off because it makes light of violence, and some pretty serious violence

has been on television for the last 3 days non-stop.”

     Even, a local radio station,

EDGE 102 has cancelled their latest promotion, The

EDGE 102 Fugitive. They have replaced it with a new promotion called The EDGE 102

Sugar Daddy. Bastards.

Author: Ian

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