Bah. That whole story never panned

out. I even informed the local news stations. Embarass my domain name. Boo, hiss! Anyway,

I’m looking for some cool fonts and I’ve found that free fonts have the same pop-up junk all

over the web sites as free software sites and I hate that. If I have to look at one more

extended penis or viagra ad while looking for a simple font or the newest version of Quake,

I’m going to punch someone in the face. For the millionth time that bullplop advertising on

these sites doesn’t work or get anyone any money. I think that I’m going to try to concentrate

more of my energy on the ONline Tools Network and set up

the weblink stuff that I wanted to ages ago. The counters and banner exchange program sound

good to me too. All based on getting your site more traffic. Not exposing porno and other

online junk.

Author: Ian

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