Make that four dinners in

two weeks! Good deal here. Andreea’s parents were gracious enough to invite us over for

dinner tonight, and then the Four Amigos (Tom, Andreea, Brianne and I) sat around

watching Sopranos and eating junk food.

     America’s busy bombing the hell out of Afgahnistan this day

two of operation Kick Those Bastards Asses, so every type of media is saying stay

tuned to us, we’ll let you know if anything new happens. I think

should develop a program that allows me to select what news stories I wanna be instantly

updated about. Ie: If anywhere big gets bombed, or greater then 10 people die, you put a

popup screen on my monitor letting me know. Perhaps even show me footage instantly.

     If anyone can tell me why turkey dinners give me gas, I would

like a report. Please send any information to:

and I’ll update the site as to why we only eat this stuff 3 or 4 times a year.

Author: Ian

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