I was just speaking to one of the

consultants from The Decorating Challenge,

Denis Flanagan, who has just graced me

with the information that the most popular Halloween costume this year is Osama Bin Laden. What the

hell is that all about? That’s insanity. If I was a parent I would never let my child dress up as

a terrorist, that’s pure sickness. In fact, if my child wanted to be Bin Laden for Halloween, I

think I’d turn their room into a rubber one to protect the world from the terror, and also to

protect my child from running around getting shot at by FBI agents because he looks like Bin

Laden, uh, only shorter. I’m actually kinda surprised that they are allowing Halloween this

year. I wouldn’t be stopping by my Afghani neighbour’s place saying “Trick or Treat!” because

they could be serving anthrax dipped Mars bars, or some other terrorist “trick” at the door.

We can’t be being stupid now can we, banning everything is ridiculous. Either way, my kid ain’t

wearin’ no foolish looking turbin and beard just so he can look like a cowardly, scrawny little

bitch hiding out in the middle east.

Author: Ian

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