Life is good, I’ve gotten over some of

my RadioShack hatred. I did some development on my corporate site, which hasn’t been publicly

released yet. I also had an epiphany, and we’re talking epiphany! I can’t say any more

because this is the most top secret thing I have ever come up with, but let’s just say; look for

huge things to come.

     In other news, watch yourself on the road, my brother Stu just got

his driver’s license. Congrats dude!

     It’s the weekend, and there’s a pet show at the

CNE grounds, and there’s a sale at

GreenHawk so Brianne’s going to get a new horsey helmut.

     Another new thing horse-wise is that I’ve registered which is Gillonna Farms new domain.

I’m going to set up a nice little site for them free of charge and load them into every

search engine in the world. I’d just like to help them out, and perhaps do a tiny

little ad for this corporation that I’m setting up.

Author: Ian

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