Just got back from watching

that movie From Hell and I have to say it is one of the worst movies that I’ve

seen in a long time, and I liked Dumb and Dumber! The actual making of the

film was fine, but it’s the story line that reeked. The promos make you think that

you’re going to see the awesome action flick with supense and horror going on, but

you get there and it’s this ridiculously boring investigation.

     If you know anything about the actual Jack the ripper

case, you will hate this movie, it’s nowhere near the actual facts of the real

thing other then names and the way the murders take place.

     I was saying to Brianne after the show that perhaps

it’s the fact that Hollywood audiences wouldn’t be able to handle the fact that they

never did find out who Jack the ripper really was that made them change the story to

this grotesque film. The bottom line here; don’t waste your money, get a nice

salmon steak, bar-b-que it up and sit in front of the television, because you’ll

have a much better time there then in hell.

Author: Ian

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