Went to the travel agency today,

checking out all of these fine travel destinations. Brianne and I want to go somewhere hot,

for a romantic week away. I’ve never been anywhere hot and tropical, so it will be an awesome

adventure, and at the same time, it’ll be cool. I can’t wait to ex…

Sneakers just threw up on the chair. eww.

…plore the world with my love. It’ll be amazing! Jamaica, Bahamas, Cuba, Mexica, where ever,

I can’t hardly wait.

     Just think, there’ll hot, drinks, sun bathing, swim-up bar, can’t

beat it! If you send me $10.00 I’ll have an extra good time just for you, also I’ll send you a

nice postcard. Wait, that’s probably illegal. Don’t send me money, unless I send you something

worthwhile. How about a birthday card? That’s it, stop talking back at me! Ahhh! I’m glad

they let sane people like me fly in planes.

Author: Ian

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