Monkeys are very interesting animals, yet

they go through such pain and torment due to humans. Just think about it for one second. We poke

and prod at them, then we throw them in the zoo. From there we laugh at them when they throw their

dung at eachother, or at their zookeepers. We do animal testing on them to make sure that if baby

Ted drinks a whole bottle of Mommy’s make-up remover, that he won’t die. Certain screwed up

individuals have actually had sex with them, incidentally causing an AIDS epedmic. My point is

simple, monkeys take a lot of crap (and throw a fair amount too). I think we need a save the

monkeys foundation, perhaps we should pool some cash together and hire a new animal activist to

protect the monkeys.

     Now it’s at times like these that people ask me things like; “Where

the hell did that come from?” This time you’re lucky enough that I’ll let you in. I was listening

to the TV talk about anthrax this and anthrax that and I got to thinking, they probably at some

time tested anthrax on monkeys. Then I got to thinking, I bet monkeys are cool enough to be

immune to anthrax. Well enough is enough, save the Monkeys! Davey, Mikey, Peter and John,

all four of them.

Author: Ian

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