Okay, I went out for lunch with

Brianne today. We started out on the wrong foot beacuse I tried a new route to the local

Arby’s and the road was closed so we had to follow some back-ass-wards route to get there.

When we finally arrived we found out that the stupid debit machine was “broken”. Personally

I think that it’s just the incompitent staff that can’t operate the damn thing. So we went

accross the street to the Wendy’s where the stupid-ass middle aged bastards took 15 minutes

to make me a grilled chicken caeser salad. I’m under the opinion that the fast food

industry should hire less, more comptent staff so they can pay them more to do a much

better job. Until that time, I’m going to punch an incompetent fast food employee in

the eye everyday.

Author: Ian

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