It’s been a hectic week. I’ve been

cramming to get the re-release of a website done for a client, who’s money will be paying for

the incorporation of my business. It’s really cool stuff, with full remote control of their

site from a web interface. GUI (Gooie) as they keep saying on that g’damn annoying

Taco Bell commercial.

     November’s here and it’s looking just as busy as October, with

my brother’s birthday on the 16th, and the start of the whole Christmas season-type thing.

Hopefully things will keep as up as they’ve been going, and all will be good for Christmas.

I’m going to be changing my own brakes this weekend as far as I know, so that’ll be kinda cool.

I did it before with the Cutlass, and that’s not why it’s where it is

today, I swear it!

     Anywho, I’m late! I gotta go feed the horses at Gillonna, it’s

my Thursday night job now. Cool, n’est pas?

Author: Ian

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