Bah! I went there and then other people

done my haying for me and stuff. Damn helpful people. Apparently I have to be early if I want to do my

job. I was playing with a client’s site and managed to stop up the server. Luckily Janna’s a good boss

who’s very understanding.

     It was on the drive home when I realized that every time I pass by this

guy Edgar at work, who happens to be gay, (not that there’s anything wrong with that) I say to myself

in my head one of three things. 1) Big Gay Edgar. 2) Gay Edgar Hoover. or 3) Watch where you’re

pointing that thing. I can’t explain to you why, and he’s a nice guy, and sorry fellas, he’s taken,

but every time he passes me in the hall or walks by my desk, I keep thinking those three things.

Maybe I’m just not cool enough about his sexuality, maybe I don’t respect him as much as I think I do,

or maybe it’s just the fact that I make my insides laugh their asses off when I think funny insults.

     Also, I just wanted to send out a “yo homee” to my brother’s buddy Jama

who dressed up for Halloween as Osama Bin Pimpin’, keep up the good work.

Author: Ian

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