It’s been a nice relaxing

weekend, and now onto a hard functioning work week. This weekend I grabbed a copy of

PHP and MySQL Web Development by those Sams people. Good book, I’ve even gotten

started on making this site all PHP. The news will be easier to maintain fot me and

every time you come back it will actually point out what’s new to you. Anyway, it’s

pretty cool stuff. check out their site for more

PHP info.

     Last night, Brianne, Tom, Andreea and I went out to see

Monsters Inc.. Great movie! If you liked Toy Story and it’s sequel then

you’ll like this one too.

     Today I took the liberty of running out to

Canadian Tire and getting some brake pads for

my car, which have been squealing like there’s no tomorrow for a while. I needed a

caliper tool for my car too, because I’ve never changed my brakes on this one. Worked

like a charm, and it only took me two hours. Not bad. Maybe I should open an online


     Sneakers has been bloddy hyper

all day, boy does that kitty need to be spayed. Maybe then she’ll calm down. Maybe

I’ll just buy a bear rug and she’ll be so scared that she’ll just calm right down.

Doubt it. She’ll probably fight with that thing for hours and hours on end.

     This week is looking very busy, hoping to be getting a

wad cash, and there’s a couple jobs for quick money too! Also, next week, I may just

be starting a month of working from home, which is incredibly cool.

Author: Ian

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