That bald dude at Canadian Tire is a jerk ass. Everything was going fine, I called, they told me; “No problem, you can have a DriveClean test in no time.” So I went to the Pro Oil and Lube Shoppe and got an oil change, and a fuel filter, and an air filter and a fuel system flush so that I can cleanly pass this thing. I get to Crappy Tire and the ass behind his counter tells me that there’s three people in front of me and that they will each take at least 45 minutes, plus my own test. So I decided to leave (because unlike, him I have much more important things to do, including keep people happy) and I went to the other Canadian Tire at Dundas and Trafalgar in Oakville. They book appointments there so, I made one with the friendly gentleman there and I’ll be back at 3pm today, without having to wait for 4 years while other people get drive-cleaned ahead of me. If there’s one thing I hate, it’s annoying people like that dude. On the good side of things, I’m getting lots of work done, and am really getting into writing out this contract of stuff that I’m doing. I also fixed a big database error last night, luckily I have redundance in my databases so I didn’t lose what the people really inputed. I was charging everyone $62.00 for this trade show, no matter what they selected from the options. (1 dollar for every charcter in the random string that I use to create their random password.)

Author: Ian

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