[Click for Closer Look]     I swear to you, my car should be the bloody poster child for Drive Clean tests! Look at these numbers, you could practically inhale my exhaust for hours on end and not even get a headache. If you live in Mississauga and you want to pass your drive clean test, spend the $150.00 at The Pro Oil and Lube Shoppe on Erin Mills Parkway, south of the 403. Get a new fuel injector and a fuel system cleaning. Now that the cap on repairs is up to $450.00 it’s worth the investment. My car is proof!

     I also ran into Mike the DJ while I was out. He’s the head producer for this live to air thing, it’s pretty cool. But, he still wears velcro at the age of 30-something so I don’t know how credible he is. He got some reply back from his demo tape which he sent to Australia so apparently we might have a going away party to go to in the new year.

     Got a call from my new lawyer too, everything’s done for my corporation, I just need to go sign everything tomorrow. Now I just need a GST number.

     Brianne’s riding tonight, I’m going to the gym and I have to water and hay the horses. What an eventful day! I’m extremely glad for this news page otherwise I’d have to try to remember all this stuff to tell everyone, this way I can leave my mind clear for other things.

     I’m also going to be upgrading this page because I keep adding so much news, I’m going to make it so that you can personalize the way you see it. You’ll be able to select 10 articles per page, or whatever, even set it up so these articles get emailed to you, in HTML or non-HTML format! Woo!

Author: Ian

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