Squirrel with Large Balls     Went to my brother’s party tonight, it was pretty fun, didn’t meet many, if any of his guests, but Brianne, Andreea, Greg, Tom and I had a good chillin’ session going on in the living room. I also got the chance to have a mini-visit with my parents. Us guys got to playing around online and we found out that the infamous Bert is Evil web site has been taken offline because of that picture of Bert and Osama. Fortuneately I’ve got my own private mirror stored up for my own private records. Apparently some Afghani protesters had a copy of Bert with Osama on their signs. They’re still not sure if they actually know who Bert is and what he represents to American children.

     In other news, this squirrel has extremely large testicles for a squirrel.

     Also, coming soon, this site will also be taking your opinions for questions like these; Would you rather have a receeding hairline or a proceeding hairline? Or, would you rather watch a porno with your parents or a porno starring your parents? Either way, stay tuned.

Author: Ian

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