Brianne made polos! Polos are these polar fleece things that give horses support while jumping. We went over to the ‘rent’s place and Mom taught her some sewing techniques. We also went to Longo’s and got groceries, now we have food which is cool. Sneaker’s paw is getting better, and now she’s chewing on the wodden box that the clementines we bought came in.

     Due to popular demand, well maybe not popular, but Greg asked, and this time he shall receive, I’ve added a previous button so you can go back if you get trapped in the past, now you can come back to the present. I’m still working on this contract for work, hopefully I won’t be up too late working on it tonight as I’d like to have it all wrapped up before the end of the week.

     Anyway, I’m looking forward to the regular Sunday night TV, Simpsons, & Malcom. Unfortunately The Sopranos isn’t on tonight. I can’t wait to have a chance to watch season three.

Author: Ian

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