Brianne went riding yesterday, well sortof, Percy’s leg has a splint, which is where a small bone’s catalage breaks and it sticks out. He also has some other thing where his hoof has a thing broken into it. So, basically, Percy is out of comission, which sucks. On the up side, Brianne get’s another ride later except the problem is that she doesn’t get to ride the horse that she’s comfortable with.

     Sat in on part of the Landscape Ontario board meeting today and I even got to present a new feature that I added. I always like it when work that I produce gets instant viewing.

     Tomorrow I’m going to meet with this guy that I’ve done work for in the past and I’ll also set up a bank account for the company. Once that’s all done then I can activate my business phone line which is currently: (905) 876-2300 hopefully that number won’t change and it’s available locally from Toronto, so everything’s cool. I also have a search for my free toll free number, which is also rather cool, I’m trying for something based on my name.

     Anyway, long day tomorrow, I’m going to bed.

Author: Ian

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