Howard Stern is no longer on Toronto airwaves. The Mighty Q107 has carefully decided to pull the plug on Stern’s show, and everyone’s talking about it. Q107 originally sindicated Stern because of his shock-jock show beacause they were in a bad place. Pop was being too much competition and so was all of this grunge stuff and the classic rock wasn’t cutting it. But sadly, listeners stopped listening and many that listen have actually started listening to his Buffalo station WBUF (92.9 FM) because it’s actually un-cut there.

     The reason I bring all of this up is because there was a protest and all of Q107’s greasy, mullet sporting, unemployed listeners came out with a petition and signs protesting the buy-out of Stern’s contract. Edge 102’s Dean and MOJO Radio’s Humble Howard actually came down and put down their john hancocks on the petition. Not that the petition will do any good, they’ve already paid for the contract expiring in 2003.

     Why do people care so much about their morning DJ? I never understood this. I listened to Jesse & Gene back on 680 CFTR, then they got canned. I listened to MIX 99.9 FM for lack of something else to listen to, then Jesse & Gene came back to AM 640 so I listened to them again. Then they got canned again, because again, the station changed formats, then I discovered Humble & Fred, on 102.1 the Edge. This was a show that had everything. They were funny, they played good music and they we’re into that whole stupid-ass radio plop. I listened to Howard Stern for a month, then when he started to lap into what he started with, I said to hell with it, and I really couldn’t stand the 10 minutes of commercials. If I caught commercials on the way to school, I wouldn’t hear anything else. So it was back to Humble & Fred. Last spring Humble & Fred were moved from FM to AM 640, which has changed formats yet again to radio for guys, MOJO Radio and they got a new morning show staff at Edge 102, Dean, Danger & Sandra. It seems that this last move was hard for everyone because Edge 102 stayed the same, but all the people were different. Alan Cross, the most brilliant mind in radio moved to Y95, which ended up swapping stations with Engergy and now is at 107.9 on the FM dial. Pete Cugno or scary bald headed Pete/Uncle Vince also moved there. Maie Pauts moved from the noon hour on 102 to MOJO Radio too. I suppose this involves growth and more networking for everyone involved, but they’ve worked so tightly with each other for so long, it almost brings you to tears to see them separate.

     I suppose things change all of the time, and that’s the idea of progressive radio, but as long as the content remains as good as it is, playing Green Day, Offspring, Nirvana, Matthew Sweet and so many more kickin’ energetic tracks.

     If you’re every driving through London, Ontario and you want good radio, listen to a sister station, London’s Best Rock, FM 96 at 95.9 on the FM dial this station is phenominal. They play all of the best music. Mind you their DJs aren’t the greatest, but their content makes up for it. I’m going to move as close to there as possible without moving there, just so I can get this radio station.

Author: Ian

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