Everyone’s complaining that I haven’t done a news entry in a while, so here is what you’ve all been waiting for.

     Yesterday I sent off a letter to the property management for our building. I told them how Tom is scared to ride in elevator number 1 now, and how Brianne and I have been trapped in number two. I also mentioned that no one told us anything about the two fire alarms that we’ve had and that we’d appreciate that courtesy. I also asked about the fitness facility that is supposed to be here by the end of the summer. Summer’s long gone and I haven’t seen anything.

     I got a call back from her today telling me that A) the elevators were fixed yesterday. B) the last fire alarm at 4:00am was due to a pressure change in the sprinkler system C) the fitness facility is coming at some point and sooner then later I will be given a key to get into the one in the sister building. D) The laundry room is being updated to not use change anymore, it will have key cards, and a television. There will also be a phone system telling you how many free washers and dryers there are, if there aren’t any, it will call you when there are. E) Very bold letter you’ve written here.

     I sure told her.

Author: Ian

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