Well, well, well. It’s been an interesting weekend so far. Friday’s morning meetings went quite well and there were lots of ideas shot back and forth accross the table. It’s a shame there aren’t more hours in the day, otherwise I could get a jump on everything all at once. Afternoon meeting didn’t go quite so well, but hey, you win some you lose some right?

     We got a kitty! No, you’re not crazy, this makes two. Sneakers needs a friend to play with during the day while we’re out. We met a cat named Drambuie on Thursday, and he had just been dropped off by his foster parent who took him for a month. He is really sweet and gentle and his foster parent told us that he likes to play. He is one year old, a light orange/creamy colour, already fixed and up to date on his shots. We didn’t really like his name and Brianne picked out his new one Firkin. Unfortunately it proves a grueling task to introduce two cats to each other. Sneaker is really hissy and growly any time Firkin looks at her, and if he tries to play with her, she backs away howling blue murder. It appears that Firkin is being agitated by Sneakers’ constant growling and hissing, and you can really tell that he needs some caring. So while we’re out, we’re seperating them until they behave nicely with one another.

Author: Ian

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