I was thinking about it today, and I think that more news should be positive these days. There are so many news articles about everything that’s bad in the world, yet at the same time, anything that’s good in the world ends up being fluff on the 24th page of the paper. I want to know on the front page that Stan from accounting got a new jaguar for being the best at his job, or that a local business is booming and they want to hire new employees. I’d rather not know that Yasaar Rarelyfat’s helecopter blew up or that Ghandi was butchered by Mother Theresa’s mob. I suppose that’s what makes news news though. It’s the appeal of the train wreck.

     Now that’s something I could do without. Isn’t it nice to spend an extra twenty minutes on the highway because everyone has to slow to look at two poor people who have put their vehicles in an accident? I mean honestly, if you would just speed up, you could get home early and spend more time with your family rather then gawk at a couple pieces of twisted metal. I guess we’ll never know.

     It would be really nice if cars could drive themselves. Just a simple series of sensors in a car would allow for almost complete automation of your automobile. Think about it in traffic, no break and gas and if you drive stick, chaning gears. You would just sit back, maybe steer a little bit when you want to override the system. Everyone’s car would have it, they would all just drive along, maybe while surfing the web on your way to work. Wouldn’t it be nice? I could update the news on my way to work while downloading the latest Sum 41 album and listening to the Edge. I can dream can’t I?

Author: Ian

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