How about this for a fine evening. I get the part all ligned up at Canadian Tire for me to go pick it up and then all of the sudden I get a message with the subject “Hi” from one of my loving co-workers. I open it up to see a hooded icon for a screen saver. Instantly I jump onto McAfee‘s web site to find that they’ve released new virus definitions. I download install and scan my new file to find that sure enough my loving co-worker has sent me a lovely virus. This is just wonderful. Seconds later my inbox fills up with another 4 emails all with the same subject and it begins. Everyone figures that they can trust my loving co-worker so they all clicked on the file to see what’s what. You want a free tip? How’s this, if you don’t usually get email in broken English with dumbass files attached to it, how’s about you NOT click on them and NOT infect your computer and NOT send it to everyone in your address book. I had to go into the office and de-funkify 3 machines from this nusance of a virus. All it does is re-distribute itself and delete any virus or firewall software that you have. Pretty cheezey.

     The only good thing that came out of all of this was that I jammed my finger into the brake switch in my car (because my annoying friends at Crappy Tire close at 9:00pm, which had already well gone by) and my brake lights which had been on all day, finally turned off. It must have something to do with the plastic parts expanding with the moisture today or something. Maybe it’s an act of the car Gods telling everyone on the roads; “yes, he is going slowly. see, his brake lights are on.”

Author: Ian

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