Last night I was forced into an incredibly pissed off rage because of the stupidity of another man. I needed gas, and there was a large line up at the gas pump. I waited patiently for my petrol when the jerkass on the other side of the pump did a pull through and stopped. He has been waiting as well, but he was waiting on the wrong bloody side. I flashed my high-beams. He got out of his car. I blared on the horn. He picked up the nozzel.

     I got out of my car and yelled; “What are you doing!?”.

     He was like; “What?”

     “I’ve been waiting for fifteen minutes!”

     “What do you want me to do about it?”

     “Try backing up!” by this point, I was ready to punch him in the neck.

     *grumble* *grumble*

     Then he moved the car (because he finally realised that he wouldn’t be able to make the nozzle reach his car).

     After I filled up my car he was already gone because I think he realized that he was due back at the laboratory for his brain transplant. Honestly, why do they give these people drivers licenses and let them breed.

     After this Brianne and I went out to Jack Astor’s for a nice dinner and then we tried to go shopping. I dropped Brianne off at the mall so that she could buy me something nice for Christmas. The problem was that the bank wouldn’t let Brianne take out money. I had already left for where I was headed so I had to drive all the way back to pick her up. We got to the source of the problem because the bank was still open. When TD Canada Trust employees set up an account these days they treat everyone like a child. Cheques don’t clear at an ATM for 5 business days and they don’t give you any money while you wait. The other problem is that our Interac cards only allow us to take out $100 in a day. The Bank of Montreal and the Royal Bank allow new accounts to take out $300 before your cheque clears, and you’re allowed to take out as much money per day as you wish in $500 increments. I’m going to find the CEO of TD Canada Trust and kick him in the shin.

     ultraLOfreq is playing tonight at the Reverb. I can’t wait, this is going to be a cool show, and I think Dave’s looking forward to showing off his talents. He used to be in his own band back in the day called pi1. He was the lead singer I believe. Band stuff got in their way, and they fell apart. So now, with ultraLOfreq he’s back in a business that he loves. I talked to him earlier and the bassist, Daniel, is really excited about me giving their web site a hand. I put up so they wouldn’t have to reside with stupid Tripod. Have a good evening folks!

Author: Ian

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