Since I’ve incorporated Tweaked Solutions Inc. I’ve been doing a lot of observation where ever I go. I’ve been looking for new ideas, gimics, and keeping my mind open. In this research I’ve seen a lot of businesses that are currently out there and I can’t understand how they function. For instance the salons that I go by with no one in them, or the arcade with a ton of electronics as overhead. I can’t for the life of me understand how these places pay their owners/operators and stay in business. I’m sure there must be some cases that aren’t doing well but for the most part they look like they’re doing wonderfully, with little business. It’s reasons like this that force me to say to myself; “I’m running a business with little overhead so there’s no reason I can’t do this if these guys can.”, which is a wonderful motivational tool.

     The problem is that I don’t think it can be that easy. A business in my mind is more then just some place I go to everyday. It’s my life’s work, my legacy, you know what I mean? I don’t think you can approach it at a half assedness. I think it needs full concentration and respect.

     I watched that episode of the Simpsons tonight with Frank Grimes. When he said to Homer that he has a castle and he gets through life without trying, it’s so true. Technically if I believe in the Simpsons I would believe that I could just coast through life, willy-nilly, without trying.

     My point is simple, if all of these people don’t have to try and get it, then if I work until my fingers are little nubs typing on this keyboard, then I will make it, there’s no way that I can’t. Sure there will be stumbles, but in the end, it won’t matter, because I can do this!

     For some reason I think I should pick up the new Linkin Park CD. *scatching head*

Author: Ian

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