Ahh, the first snow of the season is perscribed for today. Up to 10 cm n my area by tonight. This is very excellent except for the fact that driving will be horrible. I’m not exactly sure what it is, but for some reason during the first snow, people’s minds turn to slush. They fall off the road. They drive 20 in an area that you can tell has already been plowed and then driven over to pull off that first layer of un-plowables. They stop too suddenly and don’t realise that they have ABS so they create new rear-endings. It’s just not fun to try to go anywhere in snow, especially the first snow.

     Lotto Super 7 is $19 million dollars tonight. Do you have your tickets yet? Imagine the freedom of buying a snow plow and plowing your way to wherever you’re going. The weather will never be an obstacle again.

Author: Ian

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