Tom and Andreea came over last night and we drank until we couldin’t keep our eyes open (this would explain those last two news articles). We watched John Travolta’s newest movie, Swordfish. It was okay I think, but I’m not too sure. We also tried a new experiment, fuzzy navel jello shooters. Scrumptious.

     Firkin has taken an interest in television. Brianne was just flipping channels and stopped on Hammy the Hampster and he was immediately drawn to the show. He even sniffed the hampster to see if he could.

     The snow looks lovely outside. It’s unfortunate that it’s all going to melt because tomorrow’s high is +5. I can’t wait until it stays on the ground for a while, it just doesn’t seem like winter without the snow.

     Today we’re off to Christmas parties, and shopping and etc.. It would be nice if I could have been paid yesterday, but my paycheque is finding a second signature in Barrie. After this there will be no more worries, I’m going to get post-dated cheques for the next 3-6 months, so I will always be paid on time.

Author: Ian

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