Today has been an excellent day. First of all, Brianne took the car today so she could do other stuff for the Cosco Christmas Party tonight, so I got to work early where I got a lot of stuff done, including upgrading my MP3 Player firmware. I’ve been working on this master database program and so today I got started by converting one of the programs that everyone in the office uses to PHP so that it will be compatible with the new system.

     We had a meeting with those guys who are supposed to be offering us a master database program but they only want to offer us stuff that we already have for $13,000 per year. Which is wonderful, yet a complete waste of money.

     It’s been a pay week, as Christmas bonuses and early presents of cash have started to roll in, which is great, because I’ve been hanging on for dear life waiting for my paycheque to finally come in.

     Tweaked Solutions Inc. business cards should be arriving tomorrow or Thursday which will be cool, because then I can start handing them out to everyone so that they can pass them on to everyone else that they ever knew. Also, I got the PST number for Tweaked Solutions Inc. and I’m going to be setting up an e-store for hardware and software, probably over the holidays.

     I just received word that DirecTV H Cards are being hashed, which is useless information to me, but others may be interested in such a fact. SatTech has the whole story.

     Tonight’s the Cosco Christmas Party which will be mighty cool. Brianne and I are taxi’ing our way there and then taking advantage of the free drinks. I’ve been starving myself all day so that I can slowly gorge on the buffet. I’m looking forward to it. Rumour has it that prizes for Cosco employees only include things such as 27″ televisions, DVD players, and many other gifts over $100.

Author: Ian

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