Royal Tenenbaum was an excellent movie. It was funny, had quirky cinematic techniques and was a relatively easy to follow movie. I think that’s the problem with some of the movies these days. They are too complex for their own good. Not enough people understand them, the movie doesn’t make as much money as it says it should and that’s about it. Ben Stiller doesn’t quite play his usual self in this movie, but you can kinda tell that his regular character is screaming to come out in the character that he plays. Overall, this was a good movie and I would recommend it to most people that I know. I know some foolish people that I don’t talk to very often, that just wouldn’t understand this movie. There are exceptions to every rule.

     We went to East Side Mario’s for dinner. Oie vey! Don’t have the grilled vegetarian wrap. It’s crap. A crappy wrap.

     Kitten update: Yes we still only have two, in case you were jumping to conclusions. They’re really getting into the wrestling thing now, it’s quite entertaining. I took some good action shots and I’m hoping to get the developed over the Christmas break, so I can put them online. As I type this there is the little squeaking noises which go along with tackles and bites, coming from the other room.

     Later today, it’s jumping from Christmas party to Christmas party. Don’t we feel popular now?

Author: Ian

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