Well Christmas has come and almost gone. It’s been quite lovely this year. It was mine and Brianne’s first Christmas together, and it couldn’t be better. It’s really a three-day long thing for us this year though. With Brianne’s Aunt Tina hosting a traditional Italian feast for Christmas Eve, then it was off to midnight mass. After driving Brianne’s Mom home, we came home and opened presents. From Brianne I got a nice, casual dress shirt and extremely nice tie, a bottle of aqua-de-gio, the Back to the Future trilogy and a HotWheels set with extra cars and track, for hours of entertainment. I got Brianne a promise ring, some magazine subscriptions and box of chocolates.

     I wasn’t really sure what to get for Brianne this year and I experienced this odd feeling that I didn’t know if what I was getting was good enough, or would make her happy. In the end it all turned out good, but it was the strangest thing. Probably something that you get when you really care for someone and you know there isn’t one gift out there that’s perfect for them. Christmas is very commercialized. Personally, my favorite part is being able to put your life on hold to spend time with family. At the same time however, if I’m giving, I like to receive too. There’s nothing like that feeling you get when someone’s face lights up and they emit high-pitch noises of glee because you got them something thoughtful that they’ll love.

     I’m still recovering from sleep deprevation due to the 3am bed time on Christmas morning, so tonight I think I’ll be sleeping like a rock. Tomorrow we’re doing the family thing again at the edge of the earth. I’m looking forward to seeing some snow!

     Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Author: Ian

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