What a crock! Okay, listen to this. Tom and Andreea are supposed to move into their new house today. The problem is that the people that are moving out have aparently added extra to their mortgage meaning that the bank doesn’t have the total amount to sell the house. This means that Tom can take the house now, and owe $25,000.00. So now our New Years plan has now relocated to our place, which is fine, but I wanted to check out the new place. Now Tom and Andreea have to call everyone in the world cancelling meetings, and stuff (like the lock-smith and the fridge delivery service and the couch they’re supposed pick up by Wednesday). This is so typical of crap today. As Brianne said; “The grown-ups are supposed to be the mature ones.”

     So now we’re bucklin’ down in the ol’ Service-Greason residence and watching Bird on a Wire, Weekend and Bernie’s and Dr. T and the Women. Some good entertainment, way too much alcohol, we’re set for a long night. I’ve got the coffee maker set for 12 cups tomorrow morning.

     Happy New Year to you and yours and I hope that 2002 treats us all well! Tomorrow I’ll post the year in review for you all!

Author: Ian

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