2001, My Year In Review


          – The world marvels as I hit 20 years of age.

          – Brianne resumes talking to me after a month of horrible torture.

          – Planning invention of flying car.


          – Ditch mean, rude, unexciting, old girlfriend and finally join hands with Brianne.

          – Earn extra money making a program that edits .ini files for Ontario Hydro. Power in the palm of my hand.


          – First annual Toga party.

          – Brianne gets kicked out of house and comes live with me and my family.

          – Cancelled idea of “annual” toga party.

          – Plan trip to Montreal.


          – Go to Montreal, get cheap hotel.

          – Leave cheap hotel and go to better one.

          – Get really drunk and speak french to taxi cab drivers.


          – May 2-4 weekend. Wait… I don’t remember that for some reason.


          – Begin early developmental stages of IanService.COM.

          – Go apartment shopping.


          – Go camping for Canada Day weekend with Tom and Andreea.

          – Move into first apartment with Brianne, how cool is that!?

          – We got a Sneakers.


          – Invent cure for verbophobia.

          – Vocabulary increases 9000%.

          – Brianne gets a faboo job at Cosco.


          – Some foolish humans ride planes into buildings, causing CNN.com to crash as well. IanService.COM news takes over.

          – I beg for raise and actually get one.


          – We bought a small pumpkin and resigned ourselves to the fact that no one would be getting any candy from us.


          – We rescued a Firkin!

          – Tweaked Solutions Inc. is incorporated.


          – Brianne encounters her first holiday season becoming tangled in my bewildering family tree.

          – We finally met Suza! Gregorious’ infamous girlfriend.

          – Tom’s lawyers remind us all why people don’t like lawyers.

     And that’s that, in a nutshell. I know I left lots of things out, so please feel free to reply with what you felt should be included in last year’s review.

Author: Ian

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