Wow! I came back to the barn and started haying and watering the horses and all of the sudden I heard a comotion coming from the arena. I looked in to see Percy and Buddy going nuts. Apparently Buddy got spooked and then started galloping and bucking around, so Percy joined in. This wouldn’t have been a very big deal except that Brianne told me that her back hurt before she was going to ride Percy. So, she’s in a fairly large amount of pain right now, and with a tad of shock going on too. But now, she’s relaxing with some old fashioned Simpsons Nintendo games.

     I’m almost done the photos page! You can add your own albums and then the pictures are automatically thumbnailed, and others can add to your albums if you let them. It’s all very cool. I’ll let you know as soon as I’m done.

Author: Ian

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