Well there’s not much new with me. I’ve been concentrating most of my creative efforts on this master database program for work. It’s pretty interesting stuff and it lets me learn PHP, but a brain can only take so much.

     Brianne came to the gym with me last night, so we pumped some iron. She’s going to get a membership so it will be nice to have an extra excuse to get out there more then twice a week, and lose some Christmas poundage.

     My birthday is in 6 days and in case you wondered, you can always get me cash.

     The other work that I’ve been chugging away on is this system that I put together over the summer for the guy who gave me Sneakers. It’s been horrible since the beginning and now I’ve almost got Windows 2000 Professional installed on it, but it keeps freezing. Once this is installed hopefully things will work better. I contacted the people at AA Electronics where I got the motherboard from, but the boss wasn’t in today. I want to exchange the ASUS CUV4X-E motherboard for a new one. If those two changes don’t fix this machine, nothing will.

     Back to the grind.

Author: Ian

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