Things to do in the suburbs on a Sunday…

     On a quiet Sunday there aren’t many things to do in the suburbs especially for young kids with the lack of money and cars. There are two primary games which you can play to pass the time.


     To play this game you need a fishing rod and a stuffed animal. This game works best on a quiet street. You take a stuffed animal, (the orriginal game was played with a Gargamel doll from the Smurfs), and tie it to the end of the fishing rod. Hide in someone’s backyard that has those big wooden fences. Place the doll on the other side of the street when there are no cars around. Then when a car comes driving down the street, reel it in as fast as you can. It’s rather enjoyable… not that I’d know.

     Invisible String

     Take fishing line, tie it to one tree on one side of the street to another tree on the other side of the street. Make sure the line is high enough, so that the first car won’t drive right through it. The goal of this is to have the car drive through it and have it’s radio antenna “twang” when it goes by and buzzle the driver. Make sure you’re well hidden because if you end up breaking someone’s power antenna, they won’t be pleased. Also, watch for cyclists.

Author: Ian

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