Yesterday was a fairly eventful day. First, I went to work, sorted some billing issues with a customer and pulled in some money for the company. Then I had a message from a neighbouring company and they wanted a site a while back, but I had never billed them either, so I made up an invoice for them, and went over there for a quick meeting. So I got a nice lil design contract out of the whole thing. Then I went to get my hair cut, then to the driver’s license office where I got that renewed until 2008. In the afternoon, some more meetings and then got a little bit more work done on one of the new projects which was discussed.

     I came home and my Mom came over, she got us a lamp and a big box of water from Costco. We set up the lamp, made and ate some tacos and we were on our way to the barn.

     I went to the gym while Brianne was at the barn and ran every muscle ragged. It never feels as good while you’re doing it as it does afterwards (like this morning for instance I feel so fit).

     I came home got all of these new pictures for this new job scanned, and so now I can get started on the job itself some time this weekend.

Author: Ian

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