W’hoo! Weather people tell me that tomorrow will be our first snow storm. We’re looking at 15cm of mushy, icy snow. I suppose that’s better then nothing. Perhaps I’ll actually be able to wear my winter jacket now?

     I’m speaking at a seminar today for company owners about how to get a web site. Sounds pretty cool, I hope that I do resonably well.

     Also, whoever it is that keeps stealing my IP address, keeps doing it, and the Rogers @HOME guy told me to wait out the DHCP lease (they’re 7 days long). 7 days of downtime is insane for me if I’m trying to do work online. (Let’s see… 8 hours/day x $50/hour = $400 * 7 days = $2800… I’ll send them the bill). I did that and he’s still taking the IP address. I even gave them his MAC address and they haven’t done anything about it. So you know what? I ain’t payin’!

Author: Ian

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