Well isn’t all of this snow just wonderful? School busses were cancelled again today, which is quite excellent for all of the school childrens who have been so eager to have a day off. It’s getting sloppy on the roads and the tow trucks are just barely keeping up.

     I took my car into the Canadian Tire this morning because I felt a little rattle so I figured that I bent something going over a pile of snow. I was waiting to get the bathroom key when I overheard the guy on the phone with one of the customers who had left their vehicle at the shop. The conversation went something like this (I’m assuming for what the other end of the line said…):

     CT Dude: Well we figured out what the noise that you were hearing was. There was absolutely no oil in your car.

     Stupid Car Owner: So, what about the brakes? Did you check the brakes?

     CT Dude: Why are you worried about the brakes? Your engine is completely dead. You can’t run a car without oil.

     At this point, I’m in hysterics laughing, because this has to be the stupidest, most preventable problem that I’ve ever heard of.

     Anyway, got my car back just fine, the guy said that it was probably just snow which had frozen in the rim, but all is fine now, because it would melted overnight in the underground.

Author: Ian

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