Well it’s been a lovely sunny, yet cold Sunday. We started the day by going out to a restaurant called Embers on Warden in the east end of Toronto to celebrate my grandmother’s 80th birthday. She doesn’t look a day over 60, I swear.

     Yesterday I solved one of my customer’s problems in Tilbury and he seemed extatic. There’s nothing better then having a network that actually works at high speeds. While there, we visited Sneaker’s sisters, Fluffy and Ginger. Comparatively Sneakers is getting fat.

     Tonight’s Simpsons episode is the most talked about episode in a while as the Simpson family will be coming to Toronto. I’m wondering if there was this much hype when the Simpsons came to New York or Japan? I heard Brother Bill on The EDGE saying that he thinks there’ll be a lot of “eh”s and a hockey player or two. He also said that he’ll be mighty upset if there’s a bunch of mounties and igloos. We’ll see what Groening’s boys have done to represent the fine mega-city. Perhaps they’ll meet Mel and put him in a pot of boiling water.

Author: Ian

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