So I’m sitting here checking my email and I’m noticing that Eudora 5.1 is running about 10 million times faster then usual. I look down at my system tray and see that McAfee Virus Scan is disabled. Moral of the story, unless you’re downloading new files or living in front of a firewall, don’t run virus checkers because they bog down your system. I beat the system too. All of the email that goes through my servers is virus scanned before I get it. That way the server has the load before I get my email, not my desktop machines.

     I’m supposed to be taking some training stuff tomorrow at 3com but I can’t log into their system because their system hasn’t yet emailed me my temporary password so I can’t go in and learn what I’m supposed to know before I walk through the door tomorrow. I think that I’m going to go into this course being a complete reject just like half of the people that I went to school with. This will be quite entertaining.

Author: Ian

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