Goin’ down town tonight with Tom on an installation of a phone system with a lawyer’s office. On the job experience is always great. I think we’re going to make a giant phone out of all of the little phones and try to phone Mars to see if there’s any life out there. I may be way out in left field, but that’s what I think is going to happen.

     News from Newark, New Jersey today is that a guy by the name of Gilbert Benjamin is being charged on 68 counts of wire and mail fraud. He got a T1 internet line which he told the government was for backing up files between here and the U.S. Military base in Bosnia. He was really using it to run private online sex shows. He also got $200,000.00 worth of computers which he said was for storage of the files which he sent and sold at retail prices via his brother in the UK. If convicted he faces $250,000.00 fine per count (68!) and jail time. I think the military just got found out for having a porn site and he’s the fall guy. They were always complaining about lack of funding to the military, so they opened a porn site to cover some of the costs.

Author: Ian

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