I’m staying home sick today because my throat hurts and my chest hurts and my cough is turning from throaty to a large bark. I’m wondering if perhaps a great pressure has been lifted from me letting my body relax and letting the cold get me. That’s what corporate vacationers have happen to them. Anyway, I’m working from home today out of respect to my fellow employee who more then likely got me sick (I’m blaming Linda because she was pretty rough earlier last week and she still came to work and now I’m sick.) and I don’t want to get anyone else sick. Some people should have more consideration when deciding whether to go to work or not with their colds. In the world of the future no one will even dare come to work slightly sick because they’ll come home sicker after being beaten with large inanimate carbon rods all day for jeparodizing the welfare of their entire business.

Author: Ian

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