We’re back! Our second annual trip to the country of Quebec has been a complete success! With intensive bar hopping, wandering around Montreal aimlessly, and many the trendy coffee shop visit, our trip was more then slightly entertaining. Having seen all of the sites last year, this year was dedicated to priority fun, and we did it right by staying downtown rather then accross town. We had cheap cab rides, and knew which bars to hit and when to hit them, it was perfectly executed.

     If you want to do something fun in Montreal, don’t go to the stupid planetarium. It’s designed for young kids, not those over the age of 13. But hey, we all knew that right?…. Not that I’m bitter or anything. Anyway, we went to the Casino, real adult fun, and we actually only came away losing $15 of the $40 we planned to lose! Quite excellent if I do say so myself. Anyway, lots of stuff to do and I’m sure I’ve got about ten million emails to delete, err, read…

Author: Ian

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