I keep getting these letters from the Domain Registry of Canada which look like domain name renewal forms, designed so that the owner of the domain will change their registrar to these guys. It’s really quite irritating because my customers are dumb enough to think that this is a renewal from my up-stream domain name registrar and actually sign up with these guys inadvertantly. Upon further research, I’ve found out that this company can either be called Domain Registry of Canada or Domain Registry of America and they have been up to these no-good shananigans for a while, and apparently are being sued for it. I actually thought that it was a pretty interesting idea, sending domain name renewal forms which are actually domain name transfer forms to customers, but now with the possibility of being sued, dispite the fact that the form not-so-clearly states that the domain is being transferred to their system, I think not. Now I have to issue some sort of a news article to my customers telling them not to renew with these guys because a) it costs more and b) you’ll lose my excellent “Service”. What a waste of time.

Author: Ian

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