One thing that it took me a while to figure out because they don’t distribute the Configuration guide with a Norstar Meridian phone system is how to turn on “Number Portability”, or “Set Relocation”. This setting allows you to pick up your phone, plug it in anywhere else in the phone system, and still keep your extension and settings, eventhough you’re using a new port on the system. Phone guys like to keep this one a secret too, because it will make them not have to come in to fix up your phone system, because now you can re-locate individuals yourself. To set it up, enter the configuration menu by pressing Feature**CONFIG(266344) and then enter your system password (266344 by default). Use the bottom scrolling to scroll to System Programming, then use the top arrow to select it. Then scroll to Feat[u]r[e] settings, select it. Scroll all the way to the very last option, “Set relocation” and press the CHANGE button to change it to “Y”. Now you can move your phone to any other phone jack that’s plugged into the phone system, and keep your settings without paying $100/hour for a phone guy. Hooray!

Author: Ian

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