I don’t know if anyone else has been watching The Sopranos on HBO, but the third season is great. Brianne, Tom, Andreea and I have been watching the series dutifully on Sunday nights. The only quarrel that I have with the series is that in one episode there was an attack on someone (don’t wanna spoil things for those waiting anxiously for CTV to run the series) and they didn’t tell Tony when they could have and he could have gotten the vengance that we all know they deserve. It just made me so mad that such a violent attack goes on and nothing is done to stop the bastard that did it. I’m hoping that that situation gets rectumfied in the coming weeks. On another note, that guy from The Matrix and Memento, Joe Pantoliano has joined the cast this season and plays such a bloody prick. It’s hard not to hate the guy. I would just like to pat the cast on the back for making us hate half of them so much, and honoring the other half. Excellent work.

Author: Ian

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